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KR Hardware & Networking offers an entire spectrum of Computer Hardware, Networking & Internet, Telecommunication Solutions and Services under one roof. We specialize in providing Infrastructure Management, Hardware, Computer Peripherals as well as optimizing your IT Networking needs by deploying new tools and technology processes through innovation at work to bring you that best-in-class services at affordable costs.

Hardware & Networking Pvt. Ltd, is an Offshore entity of KRISH RADIANT SOLUTIONS Inc., a Global IT Consulting, Software and Solutions Integration Company, headquartered in Novi, Michigan, USA. Come explore our wide range of services that will transform the way you run your business

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Global Office: Krish Radiants Inc.
Plot No: 25 | II Floor | Gayatri Nagar | Ameerpet | Hyderabad | Andhra Pradesh | India | Ph: +91 40027775 | 40 6454 6777 | E-mail: info@krishradiants.com

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